Distinguished Lecture Series: Ted Monnich, “A Musical Tour of Turkey”


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A free lecture with Dr. Ted Monnich!

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A Musical Tour of Turkey

Dr. Monnich plays the Turkish long-necked lute, the saz. He grew up in the Pittsburgh area with a yearly ritual of attending that city’s wonderful international folk festival, which has helped preserve the traditions of the many cultures represented there. He played guitar and balalaika as a youngster, both of which he forgets. On a trip to Istanbul, he became fascinated with traditional Turkish folk music. He acquired a saz, and found Turkish teachers from Cappadocia, Ankara, and Istanbul who he has studied with for over 25 years. His most influential teacher has been Professor Dr. Tevfik Alici. He eventually gathered musicians for a new band dedicated to Turkish music. Ted can be heard featured most prominently on that most Turkish of Turkish songs, Fidayda, which is best played on saz. He plays the saz and the divan, a larger version of the same instrument that gives a very deep, sonorous sound. He also studies Turkish classical and sacred music on tambur. Ted has taught classes and workshops at music festivals and programs throughout the USA, and has performed with his band, Turku, worldwide. Dr. Monnich is a researcher of early Ottoman history, and regularly travels to Turkey for research and lecturing.

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