1769 Pascal Taskin Double-Manual Harpsichord

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Among the finest harpsichords in the world and recorded many times, this Taskin was the former property of Mlle Guerville, Paris. It was restored in the mid-twentieth century when the keyboards, lid, and legs were replaced. It is painted and varnished a dark olive with gold floral borders and grotesqueries; the interior and underside of the lid and lid stick are painted vermillion, as is the Taskin at St Cecilia’s Hall. Gold flowers decorate the red-painted keyboard surround. The gilt rose features an angel playing the harp in between the initials “P T.” The soundboard is dated 1769. 

Taskin’s card on the instrument reads: “Pascal Taskin Facteur de clavessins du Roi, eleve et successeur de M. Blanchet, demeure meme maison Rue de le Verrerie, vis-à-vis, la petite porte de S. Merry a Paris.”

Name batten inscription on gold-stained wood in black: “PASCAL TASKIN.” 

Inscription on the border around the rose: “PASCAL TASKIN ELEVE DE BLANCHET.”


Listen to this instrument being played!


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