Carolina Music Museum Named One of The 15 Most Noteworthy Museums Opening This Year

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Carolina Music Museum was recently featured on the Architectural Digest website as one of “The 15 Most Noteworthy Museums Opening This Year,” along with such notable museums as The Victoria & Albert Museum in Scotland, and The Museum of Contemporary Art in Toronto.

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Carolina Music Museum, Greenville, South Carolina

This museum will house more than 40 English, European, and American pianos and harpsichords dating from 1570 to 1845, with ties to the early development of keyboards and music-making, particularly in South Carolina. Visitors will enjoy performances by world-renowned musicians. The museum will represent the roots and genres of various types of music, from Appalachian to European, that have shaped the history and future of music. It resides in a portion of the historic Coca-Cola bottling plant.




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