The Elise C. Sigal Musical Education Program


The Elise C. Sigal Music Education Program at the Sigal Music Museum provides funding for educational opportunities and community outreach programs related to the Marlowe A. Sigal collection. Elise Sigal received her BA in Music History from Brandeis University. The program honors her interest in early music, music education, and her participation in her husband’s collecting of musical instruments.


Donations will be used to:


Provide scholarships for students of music.

Provide opportunities for individuals to study, research, and perform musical instruments from the Marlowe A. Sigal collection.

Bring students or school groups to the museum to learn about and interact with musical instruments on display.

Bring musical instruments and/or presenters to schools or other public places.

Produce educational materials related to music and musical instruments.


Donations to this fund are doubly rewarding: Andrew Sigal, the son of Marlowe & Elise Sigal, will match donations up to $50,000 through June 30, 2021.

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