Carolina Music Museum is Now Sigal Music Museum

 In press

The Carolina Music Museum is delighted to announce that we are the designated recipient of a major gift, in the way of one of the larger musical instrument collections in private hands, and an endowment, thanks to the generosity of the family of Marlowe Sigal. Marlowe was a collector and enthusiast on the subject of early keyboards and woodwinds, and his collection in Boston was a destination visit for those that knew him well enough to arrange a private tour. When Marlowe died in May of 2018 he had not yet made final arrangements for his collection, and as Carolina Music Museum stepped in to help with some instruments that were at his factory, we found ourselves with the opportunity to help the family and ourselves in a much larger way by actually taking on the entire collection. With this generous gift the museum will be changing its name to reflect the legacy that Marlowe left, and we will become the Sigal Music Museum, with discussion on details happening now.

The Greenville Journal wrote a nice article about the museum entitled “Carolina Music Museum Receives World-Class Collection, Changes Name”, you can read the full article here.

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