1845 John Broadwood Grand Piano, Played by Chopin

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When Chopin was forced to flee France and take refuge in England in the spring of 1848, he accepted the offer to use what was then the largest grand piano made by Broadwood & Sons. Before he embarked on the official tour, Chopin earned 20£ per appearance for morning recitals at the homes of wealthy patrons.
This piano, identical in style to the ones provided to Chopin for touring, was at the home of William Amory. Bought in December of 1845, this was the piano available to Chopin when he was employed for the morning by Mrs. Amory in May of 1848. The story was told and retold within the family, and finally condensed into a recollection of the grumblings that William made on paying the outrageous sum of 20£ for a musician!

Listen to this instrument being played!

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